Our team of professional network specialists is ready to take on any tasks, big or small, with the experience gained over the years. We are confident the company will scale to greater heights with the dedication and capabilities of our staff. With this in mind, Azure Technologies is pleased to offer the following services:

Structured Cabling and Network Infrastructure

This is our core business and it is in this area that we have successfully completed more than 150 projects over the last 7 years, particularly in the fiber optic termination works for both the government and private sectors. Our job in this area includes the setting up of the network infrastructure from the initial design phase to completion of the task.

System Integration and Project Management

Having been awarded numerous tenders by several departments in the Brunei government to provide system integration and project management, we have the expertise to provide this service as well. This strategic exposure has also given our technical staff enough experience now to come up with off-the-shelf solutions as it is often needed.

IT and M&E Consultancy Services

As we have an excellent team of network specialists, Azure Technologies has progressed to offer consultancy services to other IT related companies as well. We are also well positioned to expand on this additional service because of our hands-on experience with the numerous jobs we have completed.

Research and Development in Software

We are currently embarking on a mission to develop unique local solutions in software for the Brunei market with the longer term view of becoming more independent in this technology. This augurs well for our local clients as we can then serve them even better.

Maintenance and Services

Our technical staff is always ready to provide fast and efficient maintenance services for mission critical projects throughout Brunei. Whether the project is big or small, we will always ensure that assistance is given whenever or wherever it is needed.

Current Projects

Completed Projects