Empire Hotel and Country Club Jerudong

This prestigious 6-star hotel is patronized by many VIPs, but their network infrastructure still has room for improvement. They want to provide the best connectivity to uphold their good image and maintain the highest customer satisfaction, especially during festive seasons or international seminars when occupancy is high. Azure Technologies provided a network solution to cater for their current and future needs with a CAT6a 10gig bandwidth network infrastructure. The challenge was to do the job without disrupting their normal day to day hotel operations. We overcome this successfully by being flexible, abiding with their frequent date and time changes during upgrading work for the hotel and server rooms.

Fast Facts:

Project title:
Proposed rooms refurbishment for the Empire Hotel and Country Club, Jerudong, Brunei Darussalam

Scope of work:
Network infrastructure

Total data points:

Date of award:
August 2010